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Want to know where your money goes? This app will help you to discover what absorbs your money! Track your expenses & income to save money and improve your personal finance

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Tap, tap, done.
Just a few simple finger movements and your transaction are added.


Create wallets, and different categories with nice icons

Secure Sync

Use multiple devices with your family. With our fast and secure servers, it is simple as never.


Do more with our app


Log transactions in two taps

Wallets, Categories, Sweet Icons.

The comfortable transactions module helps you to see all your expenses or income. Use search to analyze any record. Group by day, month, and year.

Log debts

Debts module is an idea to log the lender/borrower details, so that one cannot forget their debits/credits, they owe to lenders or borrowers. Easy and straightforward computation of the amount of money you owe to or expect to receive from a particular individual



Follow the powerful graph. How is your money behaving, is your income growing? Or are you spending too much in the restaurant again?


Unique ability to control your family spending.

Use an account with your wife/husband. Help each other to control money and you will be on top of the world.

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    Create an Account

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    Track expenses

    A few simple finger moves per day and you are on track.

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    Watch your income growth

    Yes, that's so simple.


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